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Aids is born aids is silly put a condom on your willy

Boy listen to me: I love you more than anyone could!
My life and my soul belong to you. I was born to be with you.
My love is not a game so don't forget my name

Beam me up, Scotty, there is no intelligent
human life form down here..

Don´t worry,be happy!!!

Don`t eat yellow snow!

ei lof ju so matsch, end forefer! du ju lof mi tu? ;o)

Its Nice to be a preiss, its higher to be a bayer

If you can't find something 2 live 4, you better
try 2 find something 2 die 4! (Tupac Amaru Shakur)

It`s nice to be important, but it`s more important to be nice!

If you were a tear in my eye,
I'd never cry, for fear of losing you

I love you and you love me, laaf mer together,
wo laaf mer dann hi?

I love two things: My teddy and you.
My teddy for tonight and you forever.

If I could look into your eyes,
I would feel like in Paradies ...

I love two things: My teddy and you.
My teddy for the night, when I ´m alone, and you forever....

I hate you, but,I need you, because I love you.

Life is not always easy,but don't dream your life,
just live your dreams!

Last night I dreamed of an angel,
kissing my lips in the rain. Last night I saw me
in the arms of an angel,far away from here.
Last night I was dreaming of you!!


Life is just a dream on the way 2 death!!!

Love me, or let it be, but don't play with me!

No risk no fun

never give up hope `cause its the only thing which never dies!

smile for me today as i will smile for you.
for in that passing moment our eyes will
softly meet and our hearts will gently touch.

sex is like nokia (connecting people) like nike
(just do it) like pepsi (ask for more)
like samsung (everyone is invited)
and like me (too good to be true)

The day,I will stop lovin you,
is the day when I close my EYES 4ever

The way is often longer, as I think!
But there are many ways to find the finish!
I love you much, so you're helping me to find
the right way! I love you!

Unauthorized use of our SMSC.
Further attempts will be prosecuted.

Without you, There'd be no sun in my sky,
There would be no love in my life,
There'd be no world left for me. And I,
Baby I don't know what I would do.

When you go me on the nerven,
I`ll put you into the gully do the deckel
drauf and you never come back to the tageslicht

You know whats funny ? To have a lot of Money

your smile, your eyes, your body and every step
by you is pure sex for me! want to get to know
your sexy body and your dreams-to realize it?
lovley baby-love u

Yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is
only a vision, but today,we live,makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness and
every tomorrow a vision of hope

No boys - no sex No sex - no children No
children - no school No school - no teachers
No teachers - no problems WHY BOYS???

Make new friends, but keep the old.
New friends are silver, old friends are gold!